From clients - From physicians

"Effective Counseling" - "Jerri Swenson was excellent at identifying behaviors of my husband's and mine that caused serious conflict in our marriage. She taught me how to change my behaviors that led to negative results, replacing them with self-affirming thoughts and actions allowing me to be in charge of my life. Without her help, my basically good marriage most likely would not have survived. Jerri is perceptive, realistic and guides with a kind, firm hand."

"She gave me a miracle" - "I have a Dad again thanks to Jerri. I was "daddy's little girl" growing up, but when I got to high school my Dad and I didn't get along at all. When I was a senior, my parents were going through a rough time. I became my dads source for blame, and I started to have trouble in school and in many other parts of my life. I moved out about half way through senior year. For almost a year, my dad and I were hardly on speaking terms. Jerri really helped me come to terms with my own problems, and helped me learn to accept what I couldn't change about my dad's personality. She helped me learn to stand up for myself to my dad and teach him through my actions an acceptable way to treat me. Now we talk several times weekly and can truly enjoy our relationship. Without Jerri, I would probably have remained estranged from my dad permanently. Jerri can see the uniqueness of every situation. She is very easy to talk to, straight forward and honest, and very good at solving problems. She's the best."

"The best!" - "I truly thank God that I had Jerri as a counselor in going through a heartbreaking sudden break up of my marriage and subsequent divorce. I was buried in grief and depression and just plain lost. She helped me sort through my feelings, was very insightful and open, and I can't thank her enough! She really CARES about each of her clients, and works very hard to help them."

"Life changing" - "I owe my current success and happiness to the perceptive advice that Jerri gave me as her client. She helped me through a traumatic loss and with a major career change. Her words still resonate with me years later."

"Highly recommended" - "I really look forward to my visits with Jerri. Panic attacks are not fun and Jerri gives great advice to help calm me. I appreciate her wisdom and thoughtful comments. She seems to know just what to say. I think she has a depth of information to draw from. I highly recommend her."

"There's nothing like success" - "My wife and I highly recommend Jerri to those who have even an ounce of hope of fixing a very troubled marriage. We're each surprised by the results of working with her, and delighted with the new relationship she helped us build. And, unlike our diets, it's sticking."

Recommendations from physicians I have worked closely with

"Jerri and I have worked together on a multitude of cases. Jerri has done an excellent job, is exceedingly receptive and has a special talent as a psychologist. I would highly recommend Jerri to work with you and your patients."

- Michael S. Hay, M.D.

"I have worked closely with Jerri of the last six years with a wide variety of patients and have found her counseling skills impeccable. I have no reservations in recommending Jerri to you as a therapist for your patients as I know that both the patient and yourself will benefit from her services."

- David W. Lechner, M.D.

"I've worked with Jerri on a professional basis for many years, referring multiple clients to her for counseling. She has been by far, my favorite counselor to refer people to for the last 8 to 10 years. I have not had a single patient that did not appreciate her expertise in helping them deal with significant emotional difficulties. I find her to be extremely down to earth and practical in her advice. I recommend her for any of my clients without any reservation at all and would suggest that you give her a try as I think she will definitely help your patients as well."

-Jack W. McMahon, Jr. M.D

"I highly recommend for your patients in need of counseling. I have enjoyed a very positive working relationship with Jerri over the last eight years. As a nurse practitioner in an OB/GYN office, I have had the opportunity to refer many women to her for counseling. She has also helped to determine whether antidepressant medication might be useful, and patient response has been positive to Jerri's intervention. I am certain that both you and your patients will enjoy working with her."

- Julie Groepper, C.N.P