My Counseling Services

Sessions are generally 50 to 55 minutes long and I like to see clients weekly for the first few sessions. Some people find their issues can be resolved in one or two sessions. Others see continuing benefits and stay in counseling for months. Some clients use me like a family doctor; they go about their lives and come back to see me occasionally when they hit a rough patch.

I think of counseling as coaching. Michael Jordan was undoubtedly the best basketball player on the planet, but he played even better with a coach. The coach could see things from a perspective that Michael Jordan could not, because Michael was IN the game. As your counselor, I have the advantage of having an outside perspective, combined with a solid education in psychology, relationships and human development, plus over 20 years of clinical experience.

Below are photos of my office where we'll meet. It is a quiet and comfortable space, conveniently located in downtown Whitefish.

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